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Pre-Wedding Dating Milestones

Pre-Wedding Dating Milestones

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to be married on Saturday 19th May – and it doesn’t feel like long ago that the pair began dating! First reports of their relationship date back to the end of October 2016, meaning that they started dating, at a minimum, just 565 days before they plan to tie the knot together.

Is that shorter than the typical first-date-to-marriage window? How long are couples usually engaged for? When do you think they first said “I love you”? A Match survey of over 2,000 men and women reveals the average couple’s dating journey milestones  from first date, to getting married, to that first child.

Here’s how the royal-to-be couple stack up:

Milestone: Marriage – 1190 days or ~3 years

The average couple gets married after 1190 days, or just over three years following that all important first date.

Harry and Meghan, at a minimum, have been dating for just 565 days, or a year and half – a significantly shorter amount of time than the average couple, indicating that the pair were sure they’d found ‘the one’ far sooner than is to be expected.

Milestone: Engagement – 743 days or ~2 years

It takes the normal couple just over two years to pop the question, when most of us are sure we’re in love not just in lust and you’ve usually had a really good amount of time get to know your partner inside out.

For Prince Harry and Megan this was just 392 days, or slightly over a year, after they were first reported to be dating.

Engagement to MarriageThe average couple waits just over a year to get married after they’re engaged. For the royal couple-to-be this was under 6 months.

Dating is made up of so much more than just waiting to get engaged and eventually getting married though, and all the smaller stages of a relationship are incredibly meaningful and important.

“Every relationship is unique and the pace of different relationships can vary dramatically. However, it can be helpful to check where you are in comparison to the norm, for your own peace of mind”
 Penelope Lyons, Dating Expert

There are many other important milestones in relationships which feature almost universally, like your first kiss, when you introduce them to your best friend, that moment when you go public on social media or leave a toothbrush at their house, all the way up until having your first child!

Milestone: First kiss – less than 1 week

For most couples, it’s never too early to end a successful date with a kiss.

Milestone: Sleep together – 1 to 2 weeks

Physical attraction and compatibility are one of the important parts of most couple’s relationships – so we’re often keen to have our first taste of what might be to come sooner, rather than later.

Milestone: “I love you” – 144 days or ~5 months

We usually take around 5 months to confess our love to the person we’re dating. And, being British, that’s probably quite some time after some serious soul searching when we decided it for ourselves..!

Milestone: Introduce them to your parents – less than 6 months

Within 6 months you’re likely to have introduced the person you’re dating to your parents. If you’re thinking about setting up the meeting, get our expert advice on meeting your significant other’s parents.

Milestone: First argument – 170 days or ~6 months

Dating isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows – you’re going to have disagreements, and for most couples this first big one comes after around 6 months. That’s usually a good thing – being able to communicate honestly, even if it ends up in an argument before resolution, is important for any relationship.

Milestone: Buy a home together – 1033 days or ~3 years

Most couples decide to buy their first place together between getting engaged and marriage – things are definitely serious at this point.

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