With video calls on the site and the Match dating app, you can begin a real relationship virtually Connect for a real video date

How do live video dates on Match work?

Video dates allow you to talk for longer and get to know each other better.

This feature is available if you have already started a conversation with another person and have exchanged at least four messages. Why should you try it? A video date is a more authentic, more sincere way to connect with someone, which is it why it is recommended for singles who are ready for a real relationship.

Of course once you’ve started, you can use this feature to chat via video whenever you want, in order to help the link between you grow while you wait to meet each other in real life!

If you’re making the call…

  1. In your conversations, tap the camera icon that will appear in the top right corner of your screen on your smartphone or computer.
  2. A little reading! Discover our tips for sharing a real video date in the best conditions, and of course with confidence and serenity. Take the time to get to know each other better before sharing your personal information (address, phone number…).

If you receive the call

    1. There’s no pressure and you are under no obligation. If it’s not the right time to talk, just decline the video call. And don’t worry – you won’t offend anyone. Your caller will just see that the call didn’t connect, not that you declined it.
    2. If you accept the video call, do it with confidence and peace of mind. If you ever experience inappropriate behaviour, report it to us live or as soon as the date is over by clicking on the “report” button. Feel free to end the date whenever you wish.

Get ready for your real video date

Choose the right moment

You have been writing to someone you like (and who likes you!) for several days now and you want to get to know them and talk more spontaneously with them? It’s time for a real video date!

Suggest the idea and decide together what would be the best time to talk by video. Think about this call as special appointment, a bit like meeting for the first time in real life, since you will be able at last to talk as you see each other! It is important for you both to get ready and be in the right mood to share this moment.

Details matter

The video call shows you both want to take the next step in the moments you want to share together. It’s more than a simple phone call: your first video date deserves to be treated as a special occasion so you can create and enjoy a pleasant experience you’ll want to repeat. Because when you’re starting a real relationship, these first moments – and first memories – matter.

First of all, choose the location in your home where you will make your video call. The living room is often the best choice, because it allows you to sit comfortably on your sofa and give the other person a glimpse of your home. The kitchen is also a nice place to be, as it’s a place where you can be together that feels homely and relaxed. For your first video date though, your bedroom may be a bit too much!

Focus your attention on the elements that are in view of the camera and thus will be visible to your partner on the other side of the screen. A windowsill, books, a mirror or green plants are pleasant visual elements that create a warm atmosphere. Avoid showing photos or other very personal things if you don’t want to give too much away too quickly.

Take care of the lighting! Make the most of natural light if you call each other during the day by moving closer to a window, but make sure the sun is behind the screen lighting your face or your partner won’t be able to see you. Also take advantage of the softer, warmer light in the late afternoon, when the sun begins to fade. If it’s raining or you’re calling in the evening, turn on some indirect lights to create a softer atmosphere.

Finally, don’t have your computer screen or smartphone too close to your face. Rest it on the coffee tablet for example, so you can be freer in your movements, and you can express yourself and show your emotions. You’ll feel more and more like you’re facing each other, just like in a bar or restaurant, which will mean help you be more relaxed. Finally, check your smartphone or computer is charged or that your charger is nearby. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing you only have 2% battery when you still have so much to talk and share.

How do you start the conversation ?

The advantage of video calls on Match is that they are only available to pairs of singles who have already sent several messages to each other. So you should already be at the stage where you can naturally resume the course of your chat or just ask them how their day went! You don’t need to have anything extraordinary to say; the most important thing is to be attentive and show your interest. As you know from experience, when two people share a connection, the conversation flows naturally and silences you share are as pleasant as the words you exchange.

If you still need a little inspiration, consider making a list of questions:

“The thing you did that you’re most proud of…”

“The person you admire for their boldness and courage…”

“Your fondest memory from your trip”

“What do you like most about where you live…”

“The world would be a better place if…”

“What’s the craziest experience you’d like to have?”

“Would you like to be famous? Why ?”

Let your imagination and creativity run wild

Though you can’t see each other face to face at the moment, these live video dates allow you to have fun with different activities you can share from behind your separate screens. Prepare a list of funny, clever or offbeat challenges for each other to take in turn – your impression of a Bollywood dance, for example, or spelling difficult words like rhododendron or encyclopaedia. Or challenge them to declare their love for unicorns for one minute without hesitating or repeating a word! You could also discover each other’s musical tastes.

We have a lot of experience in bringing people together, so trust us when we say that humour and fun play a big role in seduction. Relationship experts agree that laughing together is essential to forming a bond, nourishing a relationship and build stronger couples. It’s up to you!

You can also script your video date, for example by calling at dinner time. You’ll each have prepared a nice table, lit a few candles, and maybe even cooked the same dish. You’ll feel like you’re sharing a real-fake dinner at a restaurant. You can also try simpler version by making yourselves a drink, as if you were at a bar. Night Owls could watch a film or even a series together simultaneously.

Finally, why not share a stroll together? Plug in your headphones and get some fresh air together while you’re waiting for the chance to do it side by side.

As you can see, these shared video moments offer a wide variety of personalized opportunities to spend quality time together… and start a real relationship.

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