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    Simon & Petra

    When did you meet?
    We met on the 5th of November.
    What aspect of their Match profile did you find most attractive or interesting?
    Petra looked really warm and kind – her profile was very down to earth and I had a lovely warm feel about her, but she replied just hours before she was about to leave Match so took a risk and sent me her mobile number. It was love at first sight, we have an amazing relationship and it keeps getting better.
    Do you have any plans together as a couple (holidays, moving in, commitment…)
    We are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. I can’t imagine life without her.
    What are the cute little things you do for each other on a daily basis?
    We call and text regularly, we laugh all the time and can read each other effortlessly. We hug all the time and walk hand in hand in hand. It feels effortless, so easy and so, so right. We share everything, we talk about anything and everything. She is the love of my life!
    What is the most crazy thing you have done for each other?
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