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    Could you tell us what made you want to try Match? How were you feeling at that moment in your single life?
    Didn’t start out with any knowledge of dating sites so I asked my sisters friend and she told me about Match. I felt pretty lonely and with covid I couldn’t see how I could meet someone the old fashioned way.
    How would you describe your experience as a single on Match? (what you like about Match, a story that stands out, etc.)
    Match is very good and they seem to know what kind of woman I want to meet, they inform you if someone has checked me out and I get new picks every day. I met someone on the first day and we have been texting a lot and we are thinking about meeting up so I have already got what I needed.
    On a date, what makes you think that it’s “the start of something real”?
    If we are relaxed and can talk freely all night. Important to have a laugh with each other.
    What would you say to encourage hesitant singles to try Match?
    It does what it says on the tin and you are in control you can go at your own pace and when you fill in the questionnaire the app does all the work for you.
    1.6M people have already met their partner on Match.* Could you be next? Start now your own story!