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    Could you tell us what made you want to try Match? How were you feeling at that moment in your single life?
    I don’t socialise enough and want to get out more and meet new people. Online dating is the only way to connect with other people in the same situation, looking for similar things.
    How would you describe your experience as a single on Match? (what you like about Match, a story that stands out, etc.)
    It’s been difficult to get men to chat. It would be useful to have a question on the men’s profile that asks if they’re happy for a woman to make the first move or if they like to do the chasing. As I’ve asked a few people if they’d like to call me or meet up and they’ve not liked it.
    On a date, what makes you think that it’s “the start of something real”?
    If he can make me feel relaxed and make me laugh. Then obviously, attraction, good conversation and being able to relate to each other.
    What would you say to encourage hesitant singles to try Match?
    Online dating has it’s problems, but it’s also a good way to meet like minded people. Stay open minded to the possibility that you could potentially meet someone you’ll click with eventually. But trust your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
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