Wondering if you’ve found your One True Love? Take our test to see if your current squeeze is destined to be your life partner or just a brief fling.

1) When you get a text message from your partner you…
a) Get a rush of excitement
b) Smile and then get distracted and forget to respond
c) Feel irritated

2) Your other half makes you feel good about yourself and who you are?
a) All the time
b) Sometimes
c) Never

3) How would you feel if someone started flirting with your partner in front of you?
a) I wouldn’t mind – we trust each other
b) Angry and jealous
c) Fine, they’re welcome to him/her

4) How often do you daydream about your partner when he/she’s not around?
a) All the time
b) Rarely
c) Not at all

5) When you’re together time…
a) Goes by too quickly
b) Stands still
c) Drags a bit

6) Do you feel you can share your most intimate thoughts and secrets with your lover?
a) Yes absolutely
b) Not yet
c) No way

7) Your partner calls to tell you they’re unwell, you…
a) Drop everything and head over to nurse them back to health
b) Half-heartedly offer to come round but hope they say no
c) Tell them you’ll wait until they’re no longer contagious to see them

8) When your partner talks about themselves you…
a) Hang on their every word
b) Listen politely
c) Tune out and start thinking about what’s for supper

9) Given the choice of a night out with friends or a night in with your lover, which would you plump for?
a) A night in
b) A night out with my friends and my lover
c) A night out with friends

10) Have you had a crush on anyone else since you started dating your partner?
a) No
b) The thought has crossed my mind
c) Yes

Mostly a’s
You’ve found the One

Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve found your mate for life. You seem to have a mutual trust and respect for one another and you can’t stop thinking about each other. That’s Love for you! Just be careful not to neglect your friends and family. There should be room in your life for everyone.

Mostly b’s
Potentially the One

We wouldn’t say there’s fatal attraction at work here, but don’t despair, it could be a slow burner. Some times it takes time to fall in love and realise you’re with your Mr or Ms Right. Don’t keep hanging on indefinitely though. Set yourself a time limit and if your feelings don’t seem to have altered it’s time to move on.

Mostly c’s
Definitely not the One

Wow, he/she’s definitely not someone you’d consider spending the rest of your life with. In fact, we’re really not sure what you’re doing together at all. Sometimes it’s better to be single than stay in a relationship that’s not right for either of you. After all, being single and searching is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. And it’s the only way either of you are ever likely to meet your dream partners. Think about it.