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Online Dating: How To Discover More About Your Date

Online Dating: How To Discover More About Your Date

It’s completely normal for you to want to find out more about the person you’ve met online dating. If you’re about to go a first date, you’ve been messaging for a while or you’ve been on a few dates together, it’s probably crossed your mind that it would be nice to just know a little more about your date, and not necessarily face to face!

Follow these 5 tips to learn a little bit more about your date – you might uncover something interesting!

1. Their Online Dating Profile

This is basic, and you’ve probably already done it, but it’s usually worth taking a closer look. Dating profiles are a treasure trove of information about your date which they want to share with you such as their height, interests, sporting interests etc. Keep an eye out for anything unique or exciting you could use on a future date.

Tip: If their profile looks especially bare on the details, check out our article on Serious Dating vs Casual Dating to find out why that might be.


2. Their Facebook Profile

Most online dating singles have a presence on social media these days, and checking out your date’s Facebook profile can often give you a more complete picture.

Profile photos: swiping through your date’s profile pictures can give you an insight into their journey through life.

What they share: finding out what statuses, articles or videos the person you’re dating shares might tell you what they’re passionate about or find amusing.

Tagged photos of your date: photos of your date, especially with their friends, often paint 1000 words about their personality. Do they have a close knit group of friends, or are they a social butterfly?


3. Their LinkedIn Profile

Take a peek at your dating partner’s career history by having a browse of their LinkedIn profile. It’s always interesting to know what people have been doing in their working lives, and you might find something interesting you have in common. Beyond that, checking out your date’s company head shot is often chuckle-worthy.

Tip: If you think your date might be weirded out that you’re looking at their LinkedIn profile, make sure you’re logged out when you view them, or in an incognito window. That way they won’t know!


4. Their Instagram profile

This one is a little harder, as we often don’t put our full names as our Instagram handles, but a little creative Googling such as + will often find your date’s account if they have a picture of themselves for you to match up. Preferably just ask them for it! Taking a look at your date’s Instagram often gives an interesting insight into your date’s more creative side, as people tend to post more artistic shots.


5. Their Twitter profile

Follow the same steps as above. Tweets are usually a combination of very lighthearted things the person you’re dating finds amusing, but often also include more serious news and reactions things like political events. Having a peek might give you an insight into what your date likes to read, opinions they hold or their favourite movie mashups.

Hopefully among all of those, you’ve found something interesting to talk about! Always keep in mind that online dating, social, professional etc. profiles aren’t always kept up to date, so take them with a pinch of salt. Also, don’t extrapolate out ideas in your mind from what you find out online – if you’re intrigued, simply ask your date.

Now, stop checking out your date online, and send that perfect first message or read our other expert dating advice!

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