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5 Perfect Date Ideas for Summer

5 Perfect Date Ideas for Summer

If there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, read the below advice from Darren, an online dating consultant and the brains behind DatingPriceGuide for some summer inspiration.

Summer is unofficially the season of love. There’s something about the warm, sunny weather that puts everyone in a better mood and means you’re more likely to get your crush out on a date.

You could do the usual first date thing and head out for a spot of dinner or drinks at a local bar, but when the weather’s warm, it’s important to make the most of it. Who would choose a stuffy restaurant or sweltering bar over an evening on the beach watching the sun set? The thing about summer dates is that to get them right, they require you to get a bit more creative, so see what takes your fancy below!

1) Scrap the restaurant, head outside

For a summer date that your crush will remember, head outside. There are so many cute ways you can make an outdoor dinner date fun and romantic. Head to the beach, up your local hill or to the park with candles, blankets, champagne, and an aphrodisiac packed picnic. As the sun sets, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other… Don’t forget to ask your date to pack their swimsuit so that should it get too hot, you can cool off with an evening swim. What’s more romantic than swimming or gazing into each other eyes under the stars?

2) Did you say ice cream?

What better summer date than taking your crush to your favourite ice cream spot? In the warm summer weather, an ice cream makes the perfect start to a date. Let your crush choose the sundae, get two spoons and split it. Relive those halcyon romantic ice cream-splitting school days without the teenage angst and acne!

3) See a show al fresco…

Instead of heading to the theatre to see a show or watch a concert, treat your date to an evening outdoors. Look out for local al fresco events – there are outdoor shows, movie screenings, and concerts during the warmer summer months. Pack a blanket, champagne and snacks, and spend the evening curled up together watching a show, concert or movie under the heavens.

4) Get wet

For a summer day date, a trip to the sea, local lido or water park is a great shout. They say, couples that play together, stay together. Do you know the thing that all successful relationships have in common? They’re fun and exciting, just like a date splashing, sliding and sunbathing.

5) Cheers to that…

Instead of heading to your local cocktail garden, invite your date to join you in your garden or up on your roof terrace. Hang fairy lights, dot tea lights around, pack the floor with cushions and blankets, and serve your crush some of your homemade cocktails. Spend the evening lounging together under the stars, chatting about anything and everything!

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