4 Polish bakeries in London for an indulgent festive treat

It’s almost impossible to tame a sweet tooth during the festive season so why not treat yourself and your date to some traditional Polish desserts? You don’t have to slave in the kitchen or call back home for the recipe, there’s some great Polish bakeries in London that provide tasty treats – it’ll take you and your date back to the taste and smell of delicious desserts in Poland.

Gosia’s Cake, Dollis Hill

This London based bakery uses traditional homemade recipes to create tasty cakes that you and your date will love. Each cake can be made to order depending on the size of your sweet tooth. Choose from traditional polish cakes such as izaura, fantazja, tortowe and more.
If you can’t find a polish cake that you or your date really have your heart set on for the festive period, just give them a call as they’re always coming up with delicious new recipes for their customers.

Cracow Bakery, Middlesex
If you’re dating someone who is truly passionate about great tasting food, Cracow bakery is unlikely to disappoint. They aim to satisfy even the most demanding taste of a person seeking the best. Following traditional Polish recipes, they make a range of buns and cakes from eclerka to krowka. You can visit them or place orders by phone.

The Polish Bakery, Wembley
The polish bakery is a family run business and take pride in their handmade cakes freshly prepared when you place an order. You and your date may be surprised to know that many of the ingredients used by the polish bakery are sourced directly from Poland! You’ll find an authentic taste in their stefanka miodowa, jablecznik and smietanowiec.

Polish Village Bread, Hayes
Don’t be fooled, they do more than just bread and have an impressive gallery of cakes, pies and pastries in all shapes and sizes. They provide delicious polish treats that you’ll remember from back home. They have a wide range of desserts, almost 50 different kinds, from cream cakes like semik made of twaróg to other traditional cakes such as poppy seed cake and karpatka.

You can also simply order online and receive your baked goods to your door no matter where you are in the UK – perfect for when you’re trying to avoid the outdoor festive rush and you want to treat your dating sites date!