A Manchester girl’s guide to dating in the city

Alex Blythin writer of Alex a la mode offers her advice on the best venues and outfit choices for a date in Manchester.

So, you’ve got a date… great! All you need to decide now is where to go and what to wear… but don’t panic! I have a Manchester dating guide for girls that will hopefully get you through the night stress free!
Where possible always try and know in advance the type of date you’re going on, the last thing you need is meeting a person you don’t really know in an outfit which could be totally wrong for the activity planned. Always be prepared!
So first off, let’s talk venues
For intimate dinner vibes Rosso is the place to go. Between the stunning interior, the celeb wall of fame and the fantastic food there will be no room for awkward silences! Win.
For casual drinks, head to the Northern Quarter. This is a fun and vibrant area with plenty of cool bars if you fancy a bit of bar hopping and lots of atmosphere. Favourites of mine are Kosmonaut and Terrace.
Spinningfields also has a variety of cool first date venues, from restaurants to swanky cocktail bars and not forgetting the open air cinema – Screenfields. Top it off with a stop at Frurt for Frozen Yoghurt, delicious.
If you’d rather have a more lively date and get a bit competitive why not try your hand at bowling, and go to Dog Bowl located on Whitworth Street.
Now let’s talk outfits.
Without realising, the clothes we choose to wear everyday show other people a little bit about our personality – whether it’s a vintage quirk or a modern edge, it’s an insight into the person you are. So the outfit you choose for a date is very integral to first impressions.
My top tip over everything, is no matter what you wear make sure you feel comfortable (sorry ladies, but this does rule out your pj’s!) If you’re uncomfortable in your outfit, you won’t feel confident – it will show and could potentially put your date off.
I’d say depending on your date there are a few staple outfit options. For an intimate dinner or drinks date a midi dress would be perfect. Team with your favourite heels for a classy but subtle look.
For a more casual date opt for jeans, ankle boots and a nice top, think Mollie King esque – she is queen of the casual chic wardrobe!
I’d also say a big no go is a jumpsuit/playsuit anything that could make bathroom trips suspiciously long. This rule also goes for items that require a helping hand to zip back up!
Brand new shoes are also under my first date don’ts category – you don’t want to be grimacing trying to smile through the pain of those extra high stilettos or hobbling to the next bar in the boots that are pinching your toes.
Keep make-up simple, so you’re not worrying about reapplication throughout the night. Road test your lipsticks before your date to make sure they’re drink/eat proof (and if you’re really lucky, kiss proof!)
I hope these tips have helped. Most of all I hope you feel amazing and enjoy your date!

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