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How to Tell if Someone Likes You: 14 Key Signs

Laura, 18 June 2019
How to Tell if Someone Likes You: 14 Key Signs

Dating is great: meeting new people is exhilarating, going on dates is exciting, and finding that special someone is unlike anything else. But there are downsides to dating. Meeting new people can also be awkward, going on dates can be daunting and it can be hard to know if that special someone likes you back, especially if you’re online dating and haven’t known them for long.

You might think this would be obvious, but sometimes singles are blinded by their own affections for someone and manage to falsely convince themselves that the feeling’s mutual. As it happens, this isn’t always the case. Of course, the easiest option is to ask the person you’ve got your eye on outright if they like you back. But if you’re the shy type, we’re here to help. How to tell if someone likes you? Keep your eyes peeled for these 14 signs.


  • They message you throughout the day: When someone really likes you, they’ll want to be in contact with you as often as possible (unless they’re really good at playing it cool). They’ll text you in the morning and keep the conversation going throughout the day.

  • They want to upgrade to phone calls: You can say so much more in a phone call, so if they’re looking to get to know you better they’ll be quick to suggest talking on the phone rather than texting. The first call can be nerve-racking, but once you’ve done it you’ll never want to put the phone down.

  • They send you cute messages out of the blue: If they message to tell you about something funny they saw, or they send you a cute animal picture, it means they’re thinking about you and want to make you laugh or go “awww”.

  • They drunk text you: If they send lovely messages when they’ve had one too many, it’s a sure sign that they’re into you. Seedy booty call-related messages, on the other hand, can be a warning sign that they only want one thing from you.

Body language

  • Their pupils dilate when they see you: It turns out this often-cited fact about attraction is actually true! We won’t go into the complicated scientific reasons behind the physical response, just remember it’s one to look out for.

  • They’re always trying to get closer to you: If they like you, they’ll want to be up close and personal with you at all times. Some people are just more tactile than others, but if you notice that they seek you out more than they do other people, it’s probably a sign they’re into you.

  • You catch them staring at you: If they like you, they’ll want to have you in their line of vision as often as possible. If you keep catching them staring, it’s likely they have romantic feelings, or at least fancy the pants off you.

  • They can’t stop smiling when they’re around you: It’s a simple fact that being around someone you fancy makes you smile. If they laugh a bit too hard at your terrible jokes or if they’re grinning from ear to ear for no particular reason when you’re together, they probably like you.

  • They mirror your actions: You shift positions and touch your face, they do the same. You lean back in your chair, they’ve taken up the same position 2 seconds later. They’re not doing it on purpose; this is a subconscious response to being attracted to someone, meaning it’s a great sign to look out for if the person you like isn’t so forthcoming. You might even catch yourself mirroring them!

  • They look at your lips while you’re talking: If they like you, they will have thought about kissing you. This means that they’ll steal quick glances at your lips while you’re talking and they think you won’t notice. But you do notice because you’ve read this article. You’re welcome.


  • They give you compliments: But not just any old throwaway comment about you looking nice. They’re kind about things they know are important to you, and they make an effort to give you meaningful compliments. This is a way to make you feel good about yourself and for them to get in your good books. It’s a win-win!

  • They really listen to what you say: They engage with what you’re saying and they remember your previous conversations and refer back to things and people you’ve mentioned. This is a sure sign that they like you for your personality and not just the way you look.

  • They ask you questions: If they like you, they’ll want to know all about your life, including your upbringing, family, friends and work. Some people ask more questions than others, so this isn’t a sure sign that someone’s into you, but you can definitely take it as a great start

  • They want to tell you all about themselves in return: This doesn’t mean them dominating the conversation with endless monologues about their life. Instead, it should be an equal exchange between the two of you. If they really like you, they’ll be open and honest and won’t keep any secrets from you.

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