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How to Tell If Someone Loves You

How to Tell If Someone Loves You

Are You Wondering If a Girl or Guy Likes You?

Are you wondering how to tell if someone likes you? In the tricky game of love, it’s notoriously difficult to tell if someone is falling for you! In the early stages of a relationship, you may feel vulnerable wondering how to tell someone you love them. But we all love to feel desired, and these verbal and non-verbal cues to tell if they like you may just help you figure out that age-old question: do they love me?

It’s important to remember that everyone expresses love differently, so there are a million different ways to tell if someone likes you. Everyone is different, so your ideal match may shower you with compliments or they may show their love simply by bringing you a cup of tea after a hard day. It’s also worth noting that how to tell if a girl likes you may be a little different from how to tell if a guy likes you. A woman may rely more heavily on body language, whereas a man may act more protective towards someone they love.

However, there are some tell-tale signs to know how they feel about you. They might not tell you explicitly, but this list will give you some ideas of things to look for when asking: how to tell if they like me?

16 Verbal and Non-verbal Cues to Tell If They Like You

  • They make plenty of eye contact

Eye contact, the number one non-verbal cue, is a surefire way to tell if they are interested! Romantic partners connect deeply through eye contact. You could even watch for their pupils dilating while locking eyes, as the love hormones cause the pupils to dilate when a person is attracted to someone.

  • They touch you

A light brush of your arm, a leg resting against yours, sweeping your hair away from your face – these are all light touches that could show you that they are interested in you!

  • They touch themselves

Adjusting their clothes a lot or playing with their hair could also be a sign they like you and want to impress you! A little nervous energy is a good thing with a date as it shows you care.

  • They want to be physically close to you

Perhaps they lean into you every time you speak, or perhaps they make an effort to sit as close to you as possible. This body language suggests they like you!

  • They smile around you (a lot!)

Maybe they laugh extra hard at your jokes or find your little quirks extra endearing. It may seem obvious, but we tend to be pretty happy in the company of people we’re attracted to!

  • They mention the future

When someone loves you, they aren’t scared to discuss the future! Talking about things you might do together may be their way of telling you they want to be with you.

  • They listen to you and engage with things you say

When someone loves you, they really value your thoughts and opinions, so they will be better at actively listening to you. They may also probe you by asking more questions. They want to know everything about you!

  • They remember the little things

When someone loves you, they are better at remembering the little details. That’s because they are paying lots of attention to you and the things you say.

  • They make themselves available for you

We make time for the people we care about. If they are always able to pencil you in for a date or they reply to your messages really quickly, it might just mean that they are falling for you!

  • They make you feel special

When someone loves you, they go out of their way to make you feel special and cared for. Wanting you to feel good is a really attractive quality in an ideal match that will have you feeling loved and supported.

  • They tell the people around them about you

Are they talking to their friends and family about you? This is a great sign that they like you and want you to be a part of their life.

  • You trust each other

In a healthy relationship, trust starts to build alongside feelings. If you feel that they can trust you and you can trust them, it’s a great sign that you like each other!

  • They compliment you

If they take the time to compliment you, they probably are into you! By complimenting you, they are expressing their admiration and telling you they like you without explicitly saying it.

  • You respect each other and each other’s boundaries

Mutual respect is another sign of a healthy relationship, and respect tends to grow with feelings. If they are respectful of you and your values, they probably care about you.

  • They find joy in your successes

When your date genuinely celebrates your successes, it could be a sign that they genuinely care for you. They are proud of you and want to share in your highs!

  • They are there for you

On the other hand, when things don’t go as well, someone who likes you will be there for you. Whether they go out of their way to change your situation or are simply there to listen to you talk about a bad day, being supportive is a great sign that they are into you!

Still in Doubt? Just Ask Them!

Hopefully, you have a better idea now of how they feel about you, but if you’re still unsure, don’t feel embarrassed to just ask them! Honesty is a really great foundation for your dating journey, and your date may just be impressed by your confidence!

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