Thinking your partner might be unfaithful can wreak havoc on relationships. But pretending everything’s fine when you just can’t shake that nagging suspicion can be just as dangerous. –Don’t pretend everything’s fine.  If you suspect your partner is having an affair, look for these telltale signs. Of course, they’re not absolute proof your other half’s playing away but they may indicate something is amiss between the two of you.

Leaving the room to make a call
Usually your partner is happy gassing on the phone while you’re together but if you’ve noticed he or she leaves the room every time the phone rings then it could be because there’s something to hide.

Working late
If your partner’s work patterns have changed, it could be down to a new project or heavier workload, but you should also be wary that it’s not because of the appeal of spending late nights at the office with a favored work colleague or heading out with someone else. Don’t jump to conclusions but rather show an interest in what your partner’s working on to suss out whether the excuses seem realistic.

Being vague
If your partner is cheating on you then the devil is in the detail. Changing from being open with you to a being difficult to  pin down on who he or she’s been talking to or going out with and reasons for getting home so late, might mean your partner’s not be being straight with you.

Avoiding future plans
Not wanting to commit to anything can be a sign of doubts. If your partner’s less enthusiastic than usual about a holiday you had in mind, or keeps on trying to put off plans you had together, such as moving house or booking festival tickets, then it’s worth asking  why.

Sudden need for privacy
Being in a couple brings a certain amount of intimacy and sharing. If you feel your partner is becoming distant from you, either emotionally or physically, then it could be because there’s something to hide.

Behaviour that doesn’t add up
Use your intuition. If there’s something puzzling you about your partner’s behaviour then maybe you have good reason to be suspicious. It could be that an excuse for being late doesn’t tally with the facts or claiming to be short of money when you know it’s just been payday, but little inconsistencies tell their own story. Trust yourjudgment and if something makes you uneasy, bite the bullet and ask about it.

A change in tastes or opinions
One of the joys of being in a couple is discovering new things together and being on the same page. It can be jarring if your partner suddenly develops a passion for activities, foods and TV shows you’ve never seen and starts mouthing off with opinions you’ve never heard. If alarm bells are ringing, probe further about where these new found loves and opinion came from, and be on the lookout for clues of a third party.

Making more of an effort
You might appreciate your partner’s newfound attention to grooming but did it come out of the blue? In long term relationships, love may indeed be a little blind and a few too many of those cosy meals on the sofa often take their toll on your waistlines.  But if your usually lazy partner starts buying new clothes, hitting the gym or booking beauty treatments, it could be to impress someone else.

Guilt gifts
Be aware of presents bestowed on you for no reason. Yes, it could be that your partner saw that fragrance and thought of you, but it could also be a sign of a guilty conscience.

Spending less time with your friends and family
If your beloved starts dropping out of plans you’ve made with your friends or family, and thinking up excuses not to see them, be wary. It could be a sign that you’re partner isn’t interested in making an effort with people in your life, which is bad enough, but it could also be because  seeing the people who love you most only makes the guilt feel worse.