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Match Reveals The Nation’s Dating Preferences in 2023

Match Reveals The Nation's Dating Preferences in %%YEAR%%

What are the nation looking for in their next date? New Match findings reveal the preferences of singles looking for love, from hair colour to pet preference!

If you’ve ever been single, you know that the whole dating thing is all about attraction. We build attraction online, in-person, in an instant and over time – and it’s a fickle beast! We’re all special snowflakes, but whether we admit it or not, lots of us do tend love the same things like rainbows, Love Actually, Toto and puppies. In dating, initially it’s often all about looks, compatibility and dealbreakers.

In order to find like-minded matches for our members looking for dates and relationships, we find out what exactly you think you’re looking for. Here’s  the nitty gritty of what we found:

Hair – a question of locks

When it comes to striking plumage, women are more likely to be attracted to dark brown haired gents (19%) followed by those with lighter shades of brown (17%), black (15%) and blonde (13%). The men out there on dating websites are less divisive in their preference with blonde (16.3%), dark brown (16.2%) and light brown (15.8%) all extremely closely matched, followed by black (14%) and  auburn (13%).

Pets – furry friend or repellent?

While your reptilian friend might have been with you through thick and thin, don’t bank on the news of Sammy the snake’s existence being positively received by your next date (<5%). Regardless of if you’re a guy or a gal dating today, a doggo is the most pleasing companion (24%), with cats (17%) sneaking in behind (more attractive for female cat owners), followed by the not-so-lowly horse (9%).

Eyes – tinted windows to the soul

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that colour is most likely to be blue according to the nation. Singles on dating websites find blue eyes most attractive (19%), followed by brown eyed guys (17%) and green for girls (16%) with hazel (15%), grey (11%) and black (9%) trailing behind.

Professions – executive, entrepreneur or artist?

Careers and jobs are important factors for most singles out looking for that special someone. Self-employed females are now the most sought after of any profession while those looking for men prefer slightly more traditional career paths.

Top sought after female professions:

  1. Self-employed
  2. Teacher,Retail Professional,Doctor,Dentist or Vet
  3. Executive Manager or Travel/Hospitality professional

Top sought after male professions:

  1. Doctor, Dentist or Veterinary professional
  2. Self-employed
  3. Legal or Executive Manager
  4. Politics or Government professional

What does it all mean?

Match’s dating expert, Vicki Pavitt says: “What the research shows is a changing preference in what people find attractive but of course preference can’t predict compatibility. The idea of a ‘perfect partner’ doesn’t exist so be open-minded about the types of people that you could be attracted to!”

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