Worried your latest romance might not be all it’s cracked up to be? Take our quiz to find out if you’re relationship is a flash in the pan or built to last.

1.    When your lover talks about the future…
a) They don’t include me in their plans.
b) They never discuss future plans with me.
c) They always include me in their plans.

2.    How much do you know about your current partner?
a) Not much really – their first name and that they like pepperoni pizza.
b) Quite a bit – we stay up late talking for hours.
c) Everything from shoe size to football team. 

3.    Have you met the family yet?
a)    No.
b)    Not yet, but he/she says we will soon.
c)    Yes.

4.    How far in advance do you arrange your dates?
a)    We never arrange things in advance – he/she prefers to be spontaneous.
b)    Occasionally we make plans a week or so in advance but otherwise it’s pretty casual.
c)    We often make plans for weeks in advance and if we’re going away it’s sometimes up to a month.

5.    Do you ever talk about your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future with each other?
a)    No, we don’t really talk much.
b)    No. We talk a lot but mainly about films and TV shows.
c)    Yes, we often talk about our future plans.

6.    Where do most of your dates take place?
a)    At home.
b)    Coffee shops and restaurants mainly.
c)    You name it – restaurants, bars, parks, theatres, museums. We’ve done it all.

7.    When do you usually get together?
a)    Late evening –  we spend more nights than days together.
b)    Weekend afternoons and early evenings mostly.
c)    We spend most weekends together and often meet up after work too.

8. Where do you spend most of your time together?
a)    In bed.
b)    Out and about.
c)    On the sofa.

9.    Have you met each other’s friends?
a)    No, we tend to spend our time together alone.
b)    No, but we’re trying to organise a time to get together with them soon.
c)    Yes, we often make plans that involve each other’s social circle

10. How do you communicate with one another and how often?
a)    By text message mainly.
b)    Text, email and the occasional phone call to make arrangements.
c)    We speak every day on the phone, plus send texts, instant message and emails too.
Mostly a’s – It’s a fling
Sounds like you’re lover isn’t too keen on sharing anything more than a bed with you. Their reluctance to introduce you to their friends, take you out on a date that’s arranged more than just a few hours before you meet and the fact that neither of you seem to know that much about one another’s future plans or aspirations are clear signals that something’s not right. Tread carefully. A fling is all well and good as long as both of you are clear about your expectations, but you should end it now if what you really want is a lasting relationship.

Mostly b’s – Ain’t no fling
It’s early days, but it does sounds as though your latest lover has potential staying power. The fact you make plans to see each other in advance and spend most of your time getting to know one another rather than between the sheets is a really positive sign that you’re both seriously considering sticking around. Take things slow and see where they go. Good luck!

Mostly c’s – It’s the real thing
Lucky you! This certainly isn’t a fling. Judging by your answers it seems you have found someone who’s interested in you mind, body and soul. The fact that your lover is at ease with your family and friends, includes you in their future plans and is interested in your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future are all tell tale signs that they’re in it for the long haul.  Congrats!