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How to make Christian dating connections

How to make Christian dating connections

Navigating the waters of Christian dating brings with it a host of questions, some of which are more common than you think. Whether you’re a Christian dating a non-Christian, or an atheist dating a church goer, here are some things you might like to consider about dating and the questions it raises.

I’m interested in dating a non-Christian, what should I do?

As dating and relationship experts, we would advise you to follow your heart, but to exercise caution. Is dating a non-Christian something you truly feel comfortable doing? How would you feel if they had very different views to your own when it came to major issues? If you’ve found someone you feel a connection with, not sharing the same beliefs might not necessarily be a deal breaker; in fact, dating someone who has a different background, culture or religion to you can be an enriching experience provided you’re both prepared to talk through some of the fundamentals before getting in too deep. If both you and your partner can respect one another’s viewpoints, you could have a happy and fruitful relationship.

I’m dating someone who’s a Christian, and I’m not – should I tell them?

Yes! It’s important to be up front with the person you’re dating, whether they belong to the Christian community or not. The chances are that if you’ve taken the chance to get to know one another via a site like, that you’ll already know how important faith is to your partner. Being honest about your own attitude to faith from an early stage in the relationship will give them the opportunity to decide for themselves whether you’re the right match for them. Hiding or keeping things from the object of your affections is never a good idea. If a relationship has any chance of surviving then a foundation of honesty is more than desirable, it is essential. Don’t be worried about what your partner might think – there are plenty of religious singles out there who are open to dating those with different beliefs.

I’m a Christian – how soon should I tell a date about my religion?

The chances are that your Christian beliefs are a fundamental part of what makes you who you are. Therefore you should share this with your date at an early stage in your relationship – they’ll be happy that you’ve decided to show them more of who you are and you’ll feel comfortable that you’re not holding anything back. Furthermore, if your Christian beliefs prevent you from sleeping with a partner before marriage, it’s best to tell them this sooner rather than later so that you’re both on the same page when it comes to your budding relationship and where it might be headed.

Should Christian dating always be about finding a husband or wife?

The reason that online dating and dating sites are now so popular is because it’s such a great way to dip your toes into the world of dating at a pace that’s right for you. If what you’re really looking for is a long term partner who is interested in marriage, don’t worry. The LoveGeist report from has shown that marriage is still very much an aspiration – with only 13% of UK daters saying that they actively aren’t interested in marriage in the future. But remember, if being happy with that special someone is what you really want out of life, you may find you have to go on plenty of dates to find the person you’re looking for. You shouldn’t think of dating as just a means to find someone to marry, but a means to find someone who might become your soul mate down the line. If this leads to a happy and long lasting marriage, even better.

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