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Online dating advice: How to write your dating profile

Online dating advice: How to write your dating profile

One of the biggest factors in your dating success is your online profile. Should you be funny or serious, tongue in cheek or dead pan? How much is too much, and how can you create a rounded picture of yourself in just a few words? Below we’ve come up with some vital words of dating advice on the ins and outs of creating the right tone in your profile.

Make sure your online profile really reflects what you’re looking for

Let’s imagine you want to have children and get married, soon. The date of your dreams comes along and is looking for some casual no-commitments dating. If you haven’t made your intentions clear from the start then there’s a good chance one of you will be disappointed. Avoid these dilemmas by making your future hopes and goals obvious (in a subtle way!) from the start. That way you aren’t going to waste your time dating Mr Right now when all you really want is Mr Right.

Attract the person YOU want to be dating – put some colour into your online profile

By colour we mean painting a picture of what dating you would really be like and the kind of person you really are. Letting your persona shine through means someone who’s compatible with you will feel a connection from the start. This could mean talking about your passions and your pastimes, or it could mean putting in your favourite quote or a link to your favourite band or artist. Sprinkle your online dating profile with some personality and up your dating success. Remember to be original – look at other people’s dating profiles to spot overused phrases and avoid these wherever possible. Using clichés can often be a waste of valuable profile space, and they won’t help you to stand out from the crowd.

A GSOH is the key to online dating success

Here comes the most important bit: your dating profile should be light hearted and it should ideally make potential admirers laugh. No one wants to date a sombre, serious single, so pull your socks up and stick in some well-placed humour. Your profile doesn’t have to read like a stand up comic’s script, but it should hint at the fun, friendly and fabulous person who has written it. A word of advice though, don’t try too hard to be funny if you’re not a natural joker; it might come across as forced and you could put off the person reading your profile.

Advice on Karma and online dating

Let’s face it; what you put in you’ll get back. If your online dating profile is a one liner and you haven’t bothered to make the effort, it’s likely you’ll get a less than impressive response. Spend some time on your profile, make it really reflect who you are, and you’ll reap the rewards. Ask friends and family for advice if you’re stuck, or a member of the opposite sex who can tell you the things that would make them want to date you. The advantage of online dating is that you can update your profile whenever you like, so try out different versions to see which gets the best response, experimenting with aspects such as style, content and humour. Above all, remember to be your wonderful self and you’ll be dating someone desirable in no time.

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