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Single at a wedding? Here’s how to find a new date at the nuptials

Single at a wedding? Here's how to find a new date at the nuptials

Being single at a wedding can be hard, with all that couple-y love being celebrated right in front of you. On the flipside, weddings are the perfect location to find your next date – and maybe more.

That’s because (i) love is definitely in the air (ii) singles have been implicitly ‘pre-vetted’ as they’re friends-of-friends (iii) there’s wine, beer and cocktails flowing (iv) everyone’s dressed up and looks amazing (v) it’s super easy to talk to anyone

So, the celebratory scene is set, all that’s left is for you to find that special someone out there among the guests! Here’s our do’s and don’ts on how to make the most of being single at a wedding:

Single Wedding-Goer Do’s…


(1) Do…your research

Before the wedding ask the groom, bride and other wedding guests you know to give you the lowdown on any eligible single guests who’ll be attending. Most people are more than happy to be matchmakers! Find out a little bit about the other singles, and if they take your fancy, get insider info on them, and ask to be introduced.

(2) Do…make introductions

Unlike at a bar, it’s fantastically easy to start conversations at weddings: “Hi, I’m Seb… how do you know the bride?” Circulate and introduce yourself to the guests, find out who they are, and what they’re about. If you think there’s a spark, hang around. If not, make your excuses and move on politely. Nobody will mind. That’s what you’re supposed to do at weddings.

(3) Do…look well turned out

Keep things smart and sophisticated; weddings are the best place to show off the refined and glamorous side of your personality. Aim to be the most attractive guy or girl on the list, not necessarily the most startling or daringly attired – leave that to the groom’s uncle!

(4) Do…offer to help out with the wedding

Being an integral part of the wedding – ushering, giving a memorable speech, distributing wedding confetti… – helps out the happy couple, but also makes you memorable and gives you an easy opportunity to meet all the guests.

(5) Do…make the next move

If you’ve hit it off with someone, suggest going outside together for a breath of fresh air or a wander. Moving away from the main action of the party will give you more privacy and a chance to talk more intimately without having to shout over the music and the prying eyes of the guests. It’s also a good time to suggest exchanging contact details in case you lose them later.

(6) Do…dance & smile at everyone

From the bride’s sister, to his grandmother, to the guy-he-knows-from-that-old-job; smile at everyone. Keep your body language open and inviting – don’t hide in the corner. Be instrumental in getting the party going by encouraging guests on to the dance floor. Demonstrating your ability to get on with young and old and really get the crowd going will get you noticed in a good way.

(7) Do…remember that you’re celebrating

Being single at a wedding can be hard, but always remember that you’re there to celebrate a marriage! Weddings are occasions of happiness and represent bright things ahead, so don’t let your own current single status get you down – enjoy the celebration for what it is, and it’ll be sure to shine out in your personality.

Single Wedding-Goer Don’ts…


(1) Don’t…stick with your friends

It’ll be tempting to hang out and have fun with people you already know, but you won’t find someone new if you stick too closely to your friends. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other people you’ll probably have a lot in common with and like – so make the most of it.

(2) Don’t…drown your sorrows

Being around couples so obviously in love can be disheartening, but don’t look to the bottle to temporarily mask your feelings. Definitely eat and drink enough to be your most chatty and charming, but don’t embarrass yourself by being overly flirtatious or rowdy…at least not until well after midnight!

(3) Don’t…be in a rush

You’ve got the whole night to make introductions and meet all the singles. So don’t be in a rush to meet every one of them before the bride walks down the aisle. Take your time and enjoy meeting the other guests – you’ll most likely be introduced to lots of other singles too.

(4) Don’t…assume everyone alone is single

While that guy at the bar might be alone, tall, dark, handsome and look very much single, don’t assume that they are. Your best bet is to ask someone you know about their relationship status, but you can always gently test the waters first to find out if they might be looking for something too.

It’s super easy to find and chat to singles at weddings, just like it is on dating sites. Do your research and make your introductions to as many eligible singles out there on the day – and try not to get stuck recounting the historic family tree with a tipsy great-great-aunt.

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