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The 4 phrases guaranteed to turn off the woman you’re dating

The 4 phrases guaranteed to turn off the woman you're dating

Some people say actions speak louder than words, which can be true if you’re partial to a big romantic gesture. But the fact is most of us rely on words to convey how we feel, which makes our choice of words crucial; very few of us are the ‘strong, silent type’ in real life. Avoid overused, cliched phrases which are guaranteed to turn women off while dating, and go for something more personal.

1. ‘I don’t mind, whatever you want’

Potentially one of the most overused phrases in dating, it’s the classic non-committal, indecisive response to making plans. You don’t have to be a high-level planner to avoid this.

“It’s always good to show your date that you can make a decision”

Whether you’re going out for dinner or planning a day out, have a couple of options in mind so you can make a suggestion. If you have to make a final decision then be direct and show you’re willing to take the lead. The most important thing is you’re making time to see each other and even if you make a bad choice, bad restaurants make for good dating stories.

2. ‘I really like you’

Telling someone how you feel about them is never easy, so even though this is vague, you get props for trying. However, if you genuinely like someone, there will be a whole host of specific things you really like and sharing these will show your date you’ve really thought about it. Something like ‘ I really like how you can make me laugh’ or ‘I really like how we share the same interests’ will make your date realise why you’re attracted to her and will be much more meaningful.

3. ‘You’re stunning’

If you’re dating a woman then it’s usually pretty obvious there is a physical attraction between you, which means a well-placed compliment will always be welcomed. When you’re complimenting someone physically, don’t go for a tired old generic flattering remark.

“It’s more powerful to be specific about the things you find attractive in your date.”

‘I love the way you’ve done your hair ‘ or ‘You look beautiful when you wear red’ will resonate with your date. And we bet she’ll wear red more often.

3. ‘I’m not like other guys’

You may well not be like other guys, and if your date has some bad experiences with men, it will be reassuring to know you’re not going to treat her the same way. This a prime example of actions speaking louder than words. Telling her you’re not like other guys is one thing, but proving it is another. Be attentive, caring, respectful and trustworthy, and you won’t even need to say the words.

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