Jamie and Kathryn

When did you meet?
22nd April 2015
What aspect of their Match profile did you find most attractive or interesting?
He matched my love of the outdoors..walking and camping. He also took the time to speak to me within minutes of me messaging him. He literally is just perfect for me.
Do you have any plans together as a couple (holidays, moving in, commitment…)
We recently got married last week in Gretna Green..a surprise wedding that literally nobody knew about. Jamie had proposed to me in July 2018 on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth at a private black tie event ..
What are the cute little things you do for each other on a daily basis?
We always talk every day.. despite being married we live apart currently because of work commitments. Have never missed one day. . He makes me laugh constantly.
What is the most crazy thing you have done for each other?
I took Jamie to New York for his birthday in 2018 which was a dream of his…