Met someone special and wondered how to be sexy and capture their attention? Perhaps you’ve decided it’s high time you got noticed. Follow our advice and put these top tips into practice and you’ll soon have all eyes fixed firmly in your direction.

What Does It Mean to Be Sexy?

So, what is being sexy? To be sexy is to be sexually attractive. Maybe this means heads turn when you walk in a room, that people flock to invite you out on dates or that they quietly think “daamn” to themselves as you strut by.

As you’re focusing on how to be sexy, there’s not exactly a one-size-fits-all approach. Different people will find different specific actions, body types or clothing attractive (think of all the different “sexy” outfits you see on sale at Halloween – clearly, some of us swoon for sexy firemen, while others go weak at the knees for a sexy librarian), but there are certain general characteristics or behaviours that are nearly universally thought of as being sexy when they are properly displayed.

If you’re hoping to catch the eye of someone special or simply would like to feel sexier as a personal confidence boost, implement these guidelines to start feeling more sexy today.

How to Be Sexy for a Man or Woman You’re Interested in

  • Make eye contact. Making direct eye contact (without staring to the point it gets awkward) shows confidence and also singles the other person out as someone you are interested in specifically – this is a confidence boost for them too and can help to build a connection between you.
  • Flirtation has a big part to play in being sexy, too. Making cheeky and witty conversation and giving out compliments can help to catch his or her attention – then the next step is just to keep it.
  • Your clothing choices can also do a lot to catch his or her eye. We’re not saying you need to be in a full ball gown or tuxedo every day, but tracksuit bottoms with last night’s dinner on them and a shapeless hoodie probably won’t cut it. If you feel comfortable in them, fitted clothes that show off your shape are always a good choice, provided they’re appropriate for your current environment.
  • Good hygiene is crucial. You can be the most stunning person on the planet, but if you don’t seem to have showered recently it’s unlikely you’ll be lighting up the dating scene. Picking a signature scent can also do wonders – don’t drown yourself in it, but enough perfume or cologne to be noticeable will be charming. This can also have the added benefit of reminding the object of your affection about you when you’re not around, helping you to stay memorable.
  • Body language is all-important. If you’re a woman, subtly licking your lips or playing with your hair can be sexy, but be careful not to overdo it. For men, keeping your hair slightly rumpled by running your hands through it can be a real turn-on, as can flexing ever so slightly, but make sure it’s not obvious that you’re doing it deliberately.
  • Being slightly physically affectionate can also be very sexy, but be careful not to overdo it. The last thing you want to do is make that special someone feel uncomfortable, so pay attention to their cues and act accordingly.

How to Be Sexy and Confident

Confidence is key, as they say. Showing that you love yourself is attractive. Of course, this can go too far; the key is to come across as at ease within yourself, not as arrogant. If you show that you feel at home within your own skin, others are likely to notice you and appreciate you too.

Staying relaxed is part of that confidence. We’re not saying to totally throw all the rules out of the window, but keeping yourself at least a little laid back is sexy too. Showing that you’re confident enough to let things happen naturally rather than forcing them is attractive.

Another way to be sexy and confident is through your posture. If you stay slumped (easily done after spending a long day looking at a screen) or walk along staring at your shoes, you can come across as insecure or even slightly ashamed of yourself. Keeping good posture with your shoulders back and head up high is not only sexy but it’s also good for your back.

Remember that confidence can be discovered; it’s not always an innate thing. So if you lack confidence and are worried that that’s undermining your natural sexiness, feel free to fake it until you make it – you’ll soon be discovering your sexiest self.

How to Be Sexy All the Time

You may be wondering how to be sexy all the time. It’s important to remember that no one is 100% sexy 100% of the time. We all have days when we’re tired or stressed, have scrambled into the last clean clothes we could find at the bottom of the wardrobe and, frankly, aren’t exactly looking or feeling our best. That’s totally normal. However, if you would like to feel sexy more often, whether that’s for someone else or simply for yourself, one crucial rule is to take care of yourself.

Take time to focus on your wellbeing, whether that’s by scheduling in a massage, becoming a little more regimented with your skincare or implementing a daily yoga or mindfulness routine. Anything that leaves you feeling healthy and like you’re treating yourself as important will help you to stay sexy because it will contribute to that feel-good glow.

Prioritising yourself in this way will not only increase your sexiness but it will also improve your personal relationships. Because when you say “I am valuable and I deserve to be treated well”, other people tend to respond to that by treating you the same way. For those that won’t treat you this way, you gain the confidence to part ways with them because you know that you deserve better.

Ready to begin your journey to being even sexier? Start by treating yourself to some “me time” today, and go from there.