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Top 5 tips for first date conversation

Hayley Quinn, 12 July 2021
Top 5 tips for first date conversation

On the first date, conversation is key. Not only will conversation allow you to share your interests and stories, but it will also give you the chance to meet and learn about someone new. We’ve got some fantastic first date advice to ensure that this date is the first of many.

1) Avoid interviewing your date

While your date’s occupation, hobbies and education may be important to you, these standard and unimaginative questions will have been answered time and time again, and if you stick to these, your date may feel like they’re being interviewed.

Think outside the box. Be bold and ask your date some questions that require thought, such as “If you didn’t have to go to work next week, what’s the first thing you’d do?” Questions like these will not only show that you’re fun and easy-going, but will also give you a bit of insight into your dates’ personality and aspirations. This bit of first date advice is priceless and is sure to make your date different to the rest.

2) Keep conversation light

Politics, religion and current affairs may be topics that are close to your heart, but a crucial piece of first date advice is to keep conversation light – by which we mean, try to avoid heated debates about the state of the world, for now at least!

While honesty is important, the first date is a chance to enjoy the company of someone new, so it’s best to focus on the fun and positive aspects of each other, rather than get bogged down in politics and risk falling out before you’ve really got to know one another.

3) Don’t be afraid of silence

Even in conversations with your closest friends, there will be natural lulls in conversation. On a date, there’s no need to fear these momentary silences or be too quick to label them.

A sure sign that you are comfortable in the company of someone is when you can enjoy a pause in conversation and not feel pressured to make small talk. Regard these temporary silences as a chance to contemplate what your date has just said and this may lead on to your next question.

4) Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with your date isn’t just polite, it’s also shows that you’re genuinely interested in what your date has to say.

Stare too hard and you might run the risk of making your date feel uncomfortable, so make sure your eye contact exudes interest with a hint of your flirtatious nature.

5) Be yourself

Most people are looking for a potential partner with whom they can have a great time and a prosperous future together, so another gem of first date advice is to simply relax and be yourself.

A great way to spark fun conversation is to inject humour into your stories and questions. Not only will this showcase your interesting and playful nature, but it will also help to put your date at ease.

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