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How much do you trust your partner?

How much do you trust your partner?

1. Your phone dies just as you and your partner are picking up the cinema tickets. The sales assistant demands to know your booking reference number so do you…
A: Ask them to lend you a phone charger so you can fire up your phone and find out?
B: Borrow your partner’s phone to access your email account, then make sure you log out?
C: Get your partner to log into your account to retrieve the reference?

2. You’re out shopping when your sister rings. You owe her money for your mum’s present and she needs you to transfer it now. Do you…
A: Cut short your shopping trip so you can return home and pay her?
B: Ask your partner to transfer the money for you, promising you’ll pay it back asap?
C: Get your partner to do the transfer from your account, giving them the location of your card reader and payment card, your online banking log-in and answers to your security questions.

3. What are the security settings like on your home laptop?
A: Everything is password-protected, you change the passwords every six weeks, and you have a ‘guest’ log-in for your partner.
B: You need a password to access your profile, email account and Facebook but it’s the same password you’ve used for years.
C: You can never remember your passwords, so have everything on auto-fill so you can email, shop and upload pictures at a click.

4.  Your partner calls you at work to say a ‘friend’ has posted a horrendous picture of you on Facebook. You can’t get online at work, so do you…
A: Thank your partner, then call up said ‘friend’ demanding they remove the photo completely?
B: Ask your partner to log in as you to de-tag the picture, then change your password next time you’re online?
C: Get your partner to de-tag the picture using your log-in details, to upload a load of your own unflattering pictures of your ‘friend’ and to change your security settings just in case it happens again.

5. You’re driving your partner away for the weekend when you realise the directions are in a text message. Do you…
A: Find a convenient place to stop so you can find the text message yourself.
B: Give your partner the pin to your phone, but then read out exactly how to find the text in question and make a joke about not reading the other messages in there.
C: There’s no pin on your phone so your partner is free to dip in and out of it as and when.


Mostly As: You love your partner but you don’t think that’s reason to share your passwords and log-in details. Maybe you’ve been stung in the past or you take this approach in every aspect of your life, but either way you should question why you don’t trust your partner a bit more. Or is it that you have something to hide?

Mostly Bs: You have a healthy attitude to trust issues. You’re not paranoid about what your partner might do with your personal information but, equally, you like having your own privacy.

Mostly Cs: You’re a trusting little soul who believes that sharing is caring. But take a second to work out what your partner has done to deserve that trust? If they’re new on the scene then it won’t hurt to be a bit more protective of your details, even if it means you have to do all your digital chores yourself.

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