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Are you too much of a flirt?

Are you too much of a flirt?

Take our test to find out

1. When you spot someone sexy in the supermarket, do you…
A: Flash them a big smile as your trolleys brush past each other?
B: Tap them gently on the arm in the fruit aisle and ask them to check the ripeness of your melons?
C: Get so engrossed in the magazine section you lose track of where the hottie is?

2. Leaving a train platform you realise you’ve lost your ticket. Do you…
A: Rattle off your best, ‘I’m so ditzy’ routine before apologising sweetly to the guard?
B: Adjust your cleavage in the hope the guard will forget to ask for your ticket?
C: Hang your head in shame and hand over the cash for a new one straight away?

3. A gorgeous stranger is propping up the bar in your local. How do you get their attention?
A: Offer to buy them a drink when it’s your round.
B: Stick Let’s Get It On on the jukebox and get your groove on beside them.
C: Take a seat at the opposite side of the bar and cast nervous glances at them from behind a menu.

4. Your computer becomes painfully slow at work and you need the services of your overworked IT department. Do you…
A: Cheerfully offer them a chocolate button in exchange for a speedy service?
B: Fire off a string of suggestive emails to the most pliable IT guy, inviting him to tinker with your motherboard?
C: Log your request via the intranet, sigh, and wait your turn?

5. A nice-looking stranger compliments you on your outfit. Do you…
A: Thank them and move on?
B: Cock your head and purr, ‘It looks even better when I’m not wearing it.’?
C: Blush fiercely and scuttle off?


Mostly As: You’re not averse to using your charms to get your way, but your direct and friendly attitude may make people think you just want to be mates. Ramp up the flirtation factor with a bit of subtle touching and hair-twirling to make it more obvious when you fancy someone.

Mostly Bs: Flirting is a way of life for you. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you love getting attention from the opposite sex. Although it’s fun and good practice for future dating scenarios, be careful you don’t go overboard, and make sure it’s appropriate for the situation.

Mostly Cs: The idea of being flirtatious brings you out in a cold sweat and you’re not comfortable on the receiving end of it either. But if you’re on the lookout for a new relationship, a little gentle flirting won’t do any harm. You may find it gives you a confidence boost when it’s reciprocated.

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